All Day. Every Day. Our Game.

These women can play.
They've got good skills.
This game is a great entertainment value for my family.
These women are good sports and great role models.
We're proud to have them as part of this community.

Women's college basketball--which celebrated its 25th year under the NCAA umbrella in 2005-06--is presented with a unique opportunity to use recent research about its fan base to tell its story.

Five unique attributes define the women's college basketball game:

  • Women's college basketball student-athletes play a fundamentally sound game
  • Women's college basketball features a high quality of play and competition
  • Women's college basketball players are amazing role models for young children
  • Women's college basketball provides a family-oriented brand of entertainment
  • Women's college basketball players demonstrate a high level of sportsmanship

People attend women's college basketball games for all the right reasons. The college fan base is healthy. The ability an information is now available to turn casual fans of women's college basketball into big fans of the game. There couldn't be a better time to use these attributes to tell our story.

The NCAA National Office has created and compiled several tools, methods and visual resources to assist member institutions and conferences in tell our story.

All Day.

Every Day.

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