2006 Big Ten Women's Golf Championships Quotes

April 30, 2006

Northwestern's Alice Kim

On winning the medalist honor at the Big Ten Championships
"It feels great.  I've been looking for a win for a while, and it feels nice to finally get one; and I got the big one.  It counts for a lot, and it really does feel good."

On conditions on the course
"It was definitely difficult out there, and the course was playing longer than it was the past two days.  The greens were holding a little bit better, but they were still really fast.  The wind was making everything a little bit harder.  In general, it was just difficult out there today."

On her expectations heading into tournament play
"I didn't expect to win.  I hoped to win, and I hoped to do well, but I think after the first round it made things a lot easier.  It all kind of fell into place." 

On the problems she encountered on the course
"Ironically enough I didn't hit my driver as well, which is usually the strength in my bag.  I putted better than normal, which is usually the weakest part of my game.  I think it helped a lot particularly because the greens were so difficult to play this week."

Northwestern Head Coach Chris Regenberg

On Kim's play
"I think the difference this week with Alice is she played with a calm sense of confidence.  I think she's been working on that for some time, and really was building up to this tournament.  She stayed so calm, and these were trying conditions.  These greens can get to you.  She just really kept her head on straight, believed in herself, and ultimately that's what worked."

On this win help's Kim next year
"This is an incredible tournament to win.  She's a great player.  She's had some great tournaments in the past.  As far as her collegiate career, this really takes it up a big step.  I think on the inside it will give her a lot of confidence for next year.  She's really worked hard at it.  It's been a struggle at times, but this is so rewarding.  I think the feeling of accomplishment; it will take a while to settle in.  It's a good way to go forth."

Purdue Head Coach Devon Brouse

On his team's play throughout the tournament
"We had a solid day today.  The conditions were tough.  These greens are as demanding as we've played all year.  I think our players responded to the challenge.   We got some great competition this week.  What's really neat is that we didn't have our best tournament this week, but we played well and were solid all the way through the lineup.  We're looking forward to going further in the post-season and seeing what we can do with the very best teams in America."

On team's balance
"When you look at the scores from this tournament.  We had no one individual score under par, but we did not have any high scores either.  From a coach's standpoint, it's very comforting to know that you've got that balance out there.  That was our big advantage this week."

Purdue's Maria Hernandez

On her play
"I hit the ball pretty good, but my short game wasn't as good as it can be. My putting wasn't really good either, but I was able to battle through it."

Purdue's Christel Boeljon, Big Ten Freshman of the Year

On course conditions
"It was pretty hard, but I was hitting the ball pretty good.  These greens are really tough.  Sometimes you have to be happy with two putts and take it from there."