Indiana and Minnesota Share Boat of the Week Honors

March 20, 2012

Co-Boat of the Week
Indiana First Varsity Eight
•    Comprised of coxswain Alex Burkle, Grace Mendel, Asja Zero, Elles Niessen, Cara Donley, Shifumi Terasaka, Madi Shields, Katie Laine and Jackie Riedel
•    Posted a time of 6:46.21, finishing tied with No. 16 Clemson
•    Last Indiana Boat of the Week: First Varsity Eight (March 29, 2011)

Minnesota First Varsity Four
•    Boat made up of coxswain Jackie Stein, Nicolette Marquardt, Jaime Friscia, Chelsea Miller and Melissa Drezdzon finished first with a time of 7:17.30 in the morning session on Day 1 of the Oak Ridge Invitational
•    The same athletes also recorded a time of 7:13.67 to finish second on the second day of competition
•    Boat made up of coxswain Stein, Miller, Friscia, Marquardt and Sarah Sobek took first in the afternoon session of Day 1 with a time of 7:13.20
•    Last Minnesota Boat of the Week: Second Varsity Eight (March 22, 2011)

2012 Boats of the Week

March 20:    

Indiana First Varsity Eight
Minnesota First Varsity Four