Michigan's First Varsity Eight Named Boat of the Week

April 4, 2012

Boat of the Week
Michigan First Varsity Eight
•    Boat comprised of coxswain Colleen Macke, Melisa Ongun, Julia Darnton, Jessica Eiffert, Bryna Oleshansky, Felice Mueller, Emily Eiffert, Lindsey Healy and Shannon Stief
•    Defeated No. 12 Michigan State with a time of 6:18.10 and No. 9 Yale with a time of 6:16.7 at the Griggs Reservoir on the Scioto River in Columbus, Ohio.
•    The boat defeated each of its opponents by approximately 12 seconds and remains undefeated this season
•    Last Michigan Boat of the Week: Second Varsity Eight (April 26, 2011)

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