Michigan State Wins Big Ten Championship

May 3, 2008

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    Michigan State won the 2008 Big Ten Rowing Championship on Saturday with a final team total of 150 points. The Spartans took home first place finishes in the first varsity eight as well as both varsity four grand finals to claim the overall championship. Wisconsin finished second (114 points), edging Ohio State by two points.

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    All-Big Ten First Team
    Kiri Crane, Indiana
    Brittany Keyes, Iowa
    Karen Colwell, Michigan
    Katie Bitz, Michigan State
    Joanna Brown, Michigan State
    Anne Cowan, Michigan State
    Megan Flannery, Minnesota
    Gabriele Albertaviciute, Ohio State
    Patricia Goodeman, Ohio State
    Denise Kragness, Wisconsin

    All-Big Ten Second Team
    Emily Kasavana, Indiana
    Kristen Kelly, Iowa
    Adrienne Mecham, Michigan
    Cate Trumble, Michigan
    Kate Burdick, Michigan State
    Emily Regan, Michigan State
    Jennifer Barnes, Minnesota
    Cleovice Reuzetti, Ohio State
    Auuiken Ellingsen, Ohio State
    Theresa Shields, Wisconsin

    Big Ten Sportsmanship Honorees
    Emily Kasavana, Indiana
    Brittany Keyes, Iowa
    Caitlin McAllister, Michigan
    Ashley Peach, Michigan State
    Mary Ann Weinzierl, Minnesota
    Mary Sheehan, Ohio State
    Meghan Roh, Wisconsin