Faces of the Big Ten: Kelly Nelson

Feb. 17, 2009

Penn State senior Kelly Nelson is today's Face of the Big Ten

Born – Annapolis, Md.

Hometown – West Chester, Pa.

Nickname – Nelson, Nel, Kel Nel

Siblings – Two older sisters: Kristin (28), Kathleen (24)

Most famous person in my cell phone – Brendan Hansen: Two time Olympic Gold medalist in swimming.

What’s on the iPod – Actually, my iPod just broke, so nothing

My current ringtone is –Whatever the phone came with

Any pets – A Labrador pit-bull mix named Chase.

Favorite athlete – Natalie Coughlin (USA swimmer)

Favorite movie -- Miss Congeniality

Favorite meal to cook – breakfast

Favorite city to visit – My sport has allowed me to travel to many different places, but sometimes I only see the pool and hotel.  Of the cities that I have had a chance to experience, I really enjoyed Omaha, Nebraska and Indianapolis, Indiana.

Favorite place to watch a big game – Beaver Stadium in State College

When I’m not in class or at practice, you can find me – snuggled in my bed or driving jamming out to music

My hometown is most famous for – Filming ‘Marley and Me’ and the MTV show ‘Viva La Bam’

Last concert I attended was – Rascal Flatts and Taylor Swift

Song in my head right now -- If I were a boy remix

If I were an animal, I would be a – Cheetah

Last movie that made me cry – The Notebook

If I could have one fantasy date, it would be with - David Beckham