No. 3 Michigan Advances Past No. 11 Wisconsin, 4-1

April 28, 2006

Michigan made an upset run to last year's Big Ten Championship final as a seventh seed, but this year had the advantage of a bye after earning the No. 3 seed through the regular season.  The Wolverines squared off against No. 11 Wisconsin, who upset No. 6 Michigan State on Thursday. 

On a hot afternoon, the two teams took to the doubles courts to decide the first point of the match.  Each was a long, grueling competition, but it was Michigan who eventually came out on top.  Nina Yaftali and Howard topped Kaylan Caiati and Jobe, while Shafner and Sugiyama defeated Nusslock and Tuttle, both by scores of 8-6.  With two Wolverine wins, the tight match between the Kara Delicata/Deb Streifler team from Michigan and the Sarah Batty/Laura McGaffigan. 

At No. 1 singles, Caitlin Burke made quick work of Michigan's Kara Delicata, but at the same time, Lindsay Howard was getting the point back for the Wolverines.  That would be the first of three straight decisions in favor of Michigan, with Yafalti and Streifler each picking up singles victories.  By a final score of 4-1, Michigan advanced past Wisconsin and into Saturday's semifinal match where they are set to face No. 2 Iowa.