Five Big Ten Standouts to Compete in NCAA Women's Tennis Singles/Doubles Championships

May 23, 2005

NCAA Women's Tennis Singles Bracket in PDF Format

NCAA Women's Tennis Doubles Bracket in PDF Format
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Five Big Ten student-athletes are set to participate in the singles and doubles portion of the 2005 NCAA Women's Tennis Championships. Illinois' Cynthya Goulet and Northwestern's Audra Cohen and Cristelle Grier will compete in singles play on Monday, May 23, at the University of Georgia in Athens, Ga.

In the upper half of the singles bracket, Grier is set to compete against Virginia Commonwealth's Marianna Yuferova, while Goulet will face Wake Forest's Karin Coetzee at 11:30 a.m. Cohen, the third overall seed, will compete in the lower half of the bracket against Washington's Dea Sumantri at 10 a.m.

Doubles play begins Tuesday, with Cohen and Grier earning the second overall seed. The Wildcat duo will battle South Florida's Gabriela Duch and Neyssa Etienne. The Michigan tandem of Michelle DaCosta and Kara Delicata will also take to the court on Tuesday, facing Tulane's Darya Ivanov and Maria Ivanov. Should both Big Ten pairs win their first round matches, they will face each other in second round competition on Wednesday.

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