Big Ten Contingent Wraps up Competition at NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Preliminaries

May 28, 2011

East Preliminary Results | West Preliminary Results

The final day of the NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Preliminary Rounds saw 29 Big Ten athletes and 10 relay teams qualify for the NCAA Championships. The conference contingent wrapped up the qualifiers with a grand total of 79 athletes and 10 relay teams who earned spots in the national meet.

The complete list of Saturday's qualifiers from the Big Ten can be found below.

Men's Qualifiers
Stanley Azie, ILL - 200-meter dash (12th)
Andrew Riley, ILL - 110-meter hurdles (1st)
Ben Hubers, IND - 5,000-meter run (8th)
Andrew Poore, IND - 5,000-meter run (10th)
Justin Austin, IOWA - 200-meter dash (9th)
Troy Doris, IOWA - triple jump (1st)
Ethan Holmes, IOWA - 110-meter hurdles (12th)
Lonnie Pugh, MSU - discus (6th)
Jake Edwards, OSU - 1,500-meter run (12th)
Ryan Foster, PSU - 1,500-meter run (9th)
Mohammed Ahmed, WIS - 5,000-meter run (2nd)
Reed Connor, WIS - 5,000-meter run (12th)

Women's Qualifiers
Stephanie Morgan, ILL - 1,500-meter run (8th)
Tamika Robinson, ILL - 100-meter hurdles (12th)
Brooke Eilers, IOWA - 5,000-meter run (12th)
Betsy Flood, IOWA - 5,000-meter run (5th)
Erin Pendleton, MICH - discus (9th)
Ashley Lawrence, MSU - discus (5th)
Emily MacLeod, MSU - 5,000-meter run (3rd)
Beth Rohl, MSU - discus (4th)
Nikki Swenson, MINN - 1,500-meter run (4th)
Nicole Tzanakis, MINN - discus (6th)
Christina Manning, OSU - 100-meter hurdles (5th)
Madison McNary, OSU - 200-meter dash (9th)
Letecia Wright, OSU - 100-meter hurdles (1st)
Evonne Britton, PSU - 100-meter hurdles (8th)
Terri Anderson, PUR - discus (7th)
Monika Jakutyte, WIS - high jump (T-6th)
Emily Sisson, WIS - 5,000-meter run (11th)



Men's Relay Qualifiers
Illinois - 4x100-meter (5th)
Indiana - 4x100-meter (3rd)
Iowa - 4x400-meter (6th)
Minnesota - 4x400-meter (9th)
Ohio State - 4x400-meter (8th)

Women's Relay Qualifiers
Illinois - 4x100-meter (7th)
Iowa - 4x400-meter (11th)
Minnesota - 4x100-meter (11th)
Ohio State - 4x100-meter (6th)
Penn State - 4x400-meter (5th)