Penn State Athlete of the Year Finalists

Big Ten Directors of Athletics approved a recommendation of the sports information directors to establish a Big Ten Athlete of the Year named for Jesse Owens, Big Ten - Jesse Owens Athlete of the Year Award beginning in 1982. Indiana track performer Jim Spivey was the initial award winner.

In 1983, the Directors of Athletics approved a separate athlete of the year award for women's athletics. In 1991-92, the women's award was renamed the Big Ten - Suzy Favor Athlete of the Year award as part of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of women's athletics in the Conference.

1992 Steve Sergi, soccer Fran McDermid, swimming
1993 Nigel Sparks, soccer Fran McDermid, swimming
1994 Craig Fayak, football Helen Holloway, basketball
1995 Kerry Collins, football Jill Pearsall, field hockey
1996 Jeff Hartings, football #Olga Kalinovskaya, fencing
1997 Kerry McCoy, wrestling Kim McGreevy, cross country/track
1998 Pete Lisicky, basketball Terri Zemaitis, volleyball
1999 Glenn Pritzlaff, wrestling Bonnie Bremner, volleyball
2000 Courtney Brown, football #Lauren Cacciamani, volleyball
2001 Joe Crispin, basketball Christie Welsh, soccer
2002 Jose Quinones, volleyball #Christie Welsh, soccer
2003 Larry Johnson, football Kelly Mazzante, basketball
2004 Kevin Tan, gymnastics Kelly Mazzante, basketball#
2005 Luis Vargas, gymnastics* Tanisha Wright, basketball
2006 Paul Posluszny, football Tiffany Weimer, soccer#
2007 Paul Posluszny, football Shana Cox, track
2008 Casey Sandy, gymnastics Shana Cox, track
* Big Ten Jesse Owens Athlete of the Year
# Big Ten Suzy Favor Athlete of the Year